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Archive for August, 2009

Vanquish the celestial defenders!

After a great month and a very good first night on algalon the week before and almost killing him, We went in after clearing to him the night before. With a great raid comp we attempted to save azeroth from certain destruction. After a 10% wipe we went back in and focused on our jobs for a flawless attempt that led to a kill, Saving azeroth from doom and getting a realm first! Congratulations to everyone who put the effort in over the last month i am very impressed how everyone has preformed lately.

Secondly i would like to thank everyone who sent us tells or made forums posts congratulating us.

Tinker Toy Achievements

Reply-Code Alpha – Ellwin
Planewalker Treads – Melarix
Comet’s Trail – Ayanami
Legplates of the Endless Void – Veiled
Fragment of Val’anyr – Nan

Tinker Toy Achievements
Tinker Toy Achievements

Realm First! Celestial DefenderObserved (25 player)

In the mountains!

Another night in ulduar and we made the push to the old god Yogg-Saron, Mowing down his general ye-ole lobster man himself, Shortly there after we enlisted the help of our old friend thorim from IN THE MOUNTAINS and attempted one light in the darkness. After a few hours of attempts we managed to defeat the old god and collect the loots, I must say even after the nerf everyone did really well this past week and finally pushing to finish of the rest of the hard modes.

Congratulations to everyone and to the people that got their new pimping mounts!

P.S Screw the bloodelf in the screenshot, whats up with people messing up my screens!


Show of Faith – Nan
Mantle of the Wayward Vanquisher – Monukai
Mantle of the Wayward Vanquisher – Numair
Godbane Signet – Veiled


Knock, knock, knock, Whos there?

So after 1 solid night of attempts on freya hard mode we went back into tonight and attempted her with 3 keepers up and ironically after I had to go out for lunch they managed to free her from Yogg-sarons bonds, Congratulations to everyone who got it, Well done.


Bronze Pendant of the Vanir – Veiled

10m Ulduar Complete…. Finaly

Well final 10 man ulduar post, Tonight after a few hours of attempts we down 0 keeper yogg, Really fun fight and I must admit i enjoyed it a lot, Congratulations to everyone that participated and also Congratulations to desperada for having to much gold and getting the vanquished tentacle of Yogg-Saron.

P.S: Screw the orc who got in the screenshot damn it!


Fire fighting, Orange maces and some kind of beasts

So a few updates since the last post first off we went into ulduar tonight after a slow build up and some practice we donned our fire fighting hats on and with the help of ayanami his foking skill we managed to extinguish the blazing fight of mimiron hardmode, I must say that this fight is extremely fun and possibly one of my most favorite fights in the instance apart from algalon 10 and congratulations to everyone that put the effort in and actually logged on.


Titanskin Cloak – Client
Gauntlets of the Wayward Protector – Smoda
Gauntlets of the Wayward Conqueror – Pelinal
Fragment of Val’anyr – Nan

Secondly I would like to congratulate ellwin on finally getting her Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings made and rocking it in the instances putting probably one of the coolest graphics on everyone in the raid.

Last and defiantly least we also killed the first 3 bosses (Beast of northrend) in Trial of the Crusader 25 normal, which is a complete joke and to make maters worse we have to wait 5 weeks to even get to the end boss on easymode let alone unlock hardmodes, Not much of a raid content patch hopefully icecrown will be incredible.