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Archive for June, 2009

Azeroth was saved.

Another 10 man update, We had one hour after discovering algalon in ulduar, To save azeroth from complete destruction after 38 mins algalon was defeated and all of azeroth was saved, Really fun fight and only took us 3 weeks to actually defeat due to the hour limit, Congratulations to everyone on another server first.



Dark Matter – Grullnor
Drape of the Messenger – Smoda
Reply-Code Alpha – Dalisai
Band of Lights – Client

Get Siffed

So we went back into ulduar tonight and cleared some easy content, After debating for a bit on what to do next we headed to thorim and attempted the hardmode, After 3 attempts we freed thorim from his tentacle love nest. Congratulations to all, Well done.


Crown of the Wayward Vanquisher – Hasurat
Crown of the Wayward Vanquisher – Ayanami
Vulmir, the Northern Tempest – Veiled
Wisdom’s Hold – Smoda

Server first and a robot who threw a tantrum

A new raid reset and ulduar was on the cards, First up was flame leviathan with 4 towers up (hardmode), After about an hour of attempts and fine tuning our strategy we managed to down him for a server first and much to my astonishment Grullnor actually did well on demolisher dps but the loot unfortunately was rather disappointing.

Shortly after we headed to XT-002 Deconstructor where he was throwing a tantrum as he always does and it was time break his heart!, Very simple fight and after a few attempts we killed him and collected the loots, Congratulations to everyone tonight, stay tuned for more updates!

Shortly after killing some farm content we headed back to the iron council, After about an hour of attempts steelbreaker was the last to die and another hardmode was defeated!. Loot and SS Below

Flame Leviathon

Shoulderpads of Dormant Energies – Gatorkiller
Gloves of the Fiery Behemoth – Rizzy
Steamcaller’s Totem – Melarix
Fragment of Val’anyr – Ellwin
Steamworker’s Goggles – Disenchanted

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That cache is rare.

We went back into ulduar tonight and went after hodir, After a few hours of attempts on hodir and we finally managed to knock out hardmode, Congratulations to everyone for knocking this one out! more to come soon.


Heroic: I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare

Bindings of Winter Gale – Smoda
Breastplate of the Wayward Protector – Hawkrage
Winter’s Icy Embrace – Rhenz
Breastplate of the Wayward Vanquisher -Ayanami

Glory of the Ulduar Raider

There has not been much to update lately in regards to 25 man content with constant bad DC’s and many peoples computers blowing up, So here is another ten man post that I think is very worthy of a front page update. After a week of trying a ten man group managed to down Mimiron on hard mode, Followed shortly after by General Vezzax, Which completed the GotUR achievement for several people and granted them access to a new mount! Congratulations to everyone that obtained the mount, I wish I was not sick and could have been there to see accomplishment and to everyone that helped along the way, Thank you.

Glory of the Ulduar Raider
Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake
Grullnor, Zan, Desperada, Monukai, Veiled, Bullmax, Therockman, Dalasai