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Archive for October, 2010

And thus shall the twilight bring forth the dawn… eventually.

Halion: Twilight Destroyer… embodiment of Deathwing’s will… murderer of his kin in the Ruby Sanctum… floor mat. After several months of the “Heroic” felon eluding the local authorities of Staghelm, Halion was finally struck down by a group of vigilantes, reputed for their ruthless culling of any who hinder their efforts, including the elite guard which safeguarded the dragon. Citizens are advised to avoid direct contact, as several cases have been reported involving random acts of violence directed at those who impede their progress; questionable treatment of their domesticated companions has also been alleged.


Although some herald Vanquish as heroes of our time, others insist that the group is a glorified community of thieves, seeking out the rich and stealing their possessions. Be advised that the group was spotted in southern Icecrown, and residents of the Citadel should hide their belongings to prevent seizure.

As fun as it may be for classes with stuns to be able to make use of them during the Lich King encounter, it is terribly inconvenient when those classes are lacking; at the very least though, it provoked results elsewhere.