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Archive for September, 2006


After a few attemps and people realizing that + and in the same little huddle works as well as Rogues pulling agro on Vael… Well, you get the idea. Also, a very special thanks to Jenos for coming over to the wrong side after Thaddius was dead and blowing us up… My repair bill is in the mail.

[item]desecrated circlet[/item]
[item]desecrated headpiece[/item]
[item]plated abomination ribcage[/item]

GLUTH! BAD dog! No! Bad dog!

It only took all 40 of us with news papers & doggie whistles while we withheld his food before he gave up and finaly rolled over.
And this is what we found under him aside from whatever it was Rizzy stepped in…

[item]rime covered mantle[/item]
[item]desecrated girdle[/item]