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Archive for August, 2011

With time to spare…

This week after clearing out the farm bosses we once again set our sites on Shannox HM.  We tried a couple different locations and strats in the past but I think we found a solid strat as Shannox and his mangy mutts went down within just a few attempts.


We’ve been killing Ragnaros on 10 man over the weekends  for a number of weeks now but this week we finally had the extra time to get in and spend some quality time on 25 man.  This fight is like riding a bike or learning a line dance…one you learn it, know all the steps it seems pretty easy in retrospect.  Looking forward to seeing this fight on Heroic in the weeks to come.


Last Few Weeks


Majordomo Staghelm

 We have sent more then a couple 10 man teams in for the last few weeks now to roughen this guy up and get some experience. 10 man kills are great, but nothing feels better then a 25 man style kill in our last attempt of the night vanquish style kill.


Here’s a video of our first kill on 10 man.

Thanks Omgapriest for the video!


Ragnoras 10 man

Where do I start? Searing seeds, engulfing flames, lava walls, fire elementals, meteors..there are so many things to die from.  This fight takes patience, practice and pretty much a flawless execution.   Just like Staghelm, we’ve had some good practice on him with a couple 10 mans now so really looking forward to this fight on 25.

First 10 man kill shot and video.

Again thanks Omgapriest for the video!




Legendary Staff Special Event

 During the last two weeks we also got to participate in the special event to allow Isis to start receiving seething cinders towards his staff.  Here are some screen shots of it.  Congrats Isis..only 2-4 more months to go!