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Archive for August, 2007


This fight is CRAZY! I am not sure who would call it fun, but at least there is no trash, and attempts are quick. Hmm, I’m noticing a trend here with Monday night bar nights and server firsts…. *looks around suspiciously* oh yeah, GG Fehl and another shitty screenshot.

[item]Mail of Fevered Pursuit[/item]
[item]Leggings of Eternity[/item]
[item]Helm of the Forgotten Vanquisher[/item]
[item]Helm of the Forgotten Conqueror[/item]

Me, $1 beer and Azgalor

WTF! Honestly first of all they kill him while I am out enjoying $1 beer night. Then Fehl takes a crappy screenshot..

/sigh… I feel left out.

GRATS THO! And oh they didn’t give me loot links so GFG there Fehl ol’buddy.

Teron Gorefiend and Kaz’rogal

Another great night for Vanquish and it’s very hard working members! A finally less buggy Shade of Akama, Teron Gorefiend and Kaz’rogal. Busy night and well earned loot for all!

After people finally got their clicky macros and what not working after some very trying attempts we finally got him. Good job everyone and especially those that I know worked very hard at getting their rotation down for the ghosts.

[item]Robe of the Shadow Council[/item]
[item]Soul Cleaver[/item]

Umm.. one shot. O.o Yeah, surprised the shit out of us too. To quote Zan, “It looked harder on paper.”

It was shocking yet fulfilling, after a few waves of the trash we were all prepared to fight more trash and well, we didn’t get any more and got this guy instead! Not that we are complaining, mind you! Again, whoever thought that waves and waves of trash then the boss fight was a good or fun idea… Just one question to you… Ever been beat up by a girl? >.<

[item]Blue Suede Shoes[/item]
[item]Angelista’s Sash[/item]

High Warlord Najentus, Supremus, Shady Shade of Akama

Tonight was as good night for us, High Warlord Naj’entus, Supremus, and albeit a bugged and not our most proud moment for a kill if not humorous, Shade of Akama.

Great job everyone.

We grabbed this stuff of the High Warlord – two weapons! Oh so pretty…

[item]The Maelstrom’s Fury[/item]
[item]Halberd of Desolation[/item]

After we chased Supremus around he decided he was tired of running in circles and handed us these shiny things.

[item]Waistwrap of Infinity[/item]
[item]Pauldrons of Abyssal fury[/item]

Shade of Akama… well he seen what we did to the others and I think that was his reasoning behind being all buggy and weird so he just handed us these.

[item]Wristbands of Divine Influence[/item]
[item]Focused Mana Bindings[/item]