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Archive for September, 2009

Earth, wind and fire even possible with a clicker.

Well last night was the last chance of the week we had for a 10m group within the guild to attempt the VoA achievement earth, Wind and Fire. This was our second night of attempts as it was difficult to schedule around Wintergrasp wins. With about 30 minutes left managed to pull of a kill off 3 bosses within a minute and obtained a World first!, Congratulations to everyone that was a part of this and to the clicker desp, Well done everyone.

Unfortunately there was no video recorded but hopefully we can get one done this week.


Double your pleasure or pain

Tonight the guild stepped up to the latest challenge that ToC Had to offer, The Twin Val’kyr which seemed like daunting task to defeat. After ten attempts and three the previous week vanquish learned to Ikaruga, collecting the right colour balls and defeating the twins. Congratulations to everyone that participated in getting the server first and the DPS who managed to get in the top 20 world for best dps and several in the top five US. Wish I was there well done.


Twin Val’kyr
Wail of the Val’kyr – Pelinal
Sabatons of Ruthless Judgment – Desperada
Trophy of the Crusade – Kelevrä
Legplates of Ascension – Zan

3 Beasts, A Demon and Factions champions walk into a bar

This week Heroic hardmodes were available and we jumped in the zone and attempted the bosses there within, First off the beasts of northrend were defeated after we learned how to dodge a giant yeti moving at 100K/M (That is 62.1 miles to you backwards imperial people) trying to head butt us, Followed shortly after by the demon Lord Jaraxxus who met his end in a few short attempts. Next up the champions of the horde fought an undermanned vanquish and just managed to get a victory by changing up our strat. Good work everyone!

Unfortunately no SS of the first 2 encounters and we had some loot drama from the second boss in which we couldn’t see any of the loot that dropped.


Faction Champions
Boots of the Mourning Widow – Monukai
Justicebringer – Frozenarms
Trophy of the Crusade – Arlynne
Cord of Biting Cold – Kelevrä
Pattern: Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate – Gbank