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Archive for March, 2010

Glory to Vanquish!


Normally, 10-man achievements don’t make the front page, but sometimes we make exceptions. Last night, a Vanquish 10-man group completed a server first Glory of the Icecrown Raider and received appropriate compensation for the feat.

As well, we’re still recruiting for 25-man raiding. We’re specifically looking for Hunters, Holy/Discipline Priests, and Warlocks at the moment, at least one of each.

It’s like something out of a Dream… one with lots of Blood.

Blood Queen Lana’thel has been defeated, Valithiria Dreamwalker has been rescued. Vanquish moves to eight of twelve hard modes defeated. On that note, we’re looking to recruit another Priest (Holy/Discipline), Paladin (Protection, a Holy offset would be great but isn’t necessary) and another Warlock. If you’re not one of those three classes and you’re a good player, feel free to apply anyways.

Great job, healers! (And Andia too.)
Yay, healers!

All hail our Gnomish Saviors! (I think that I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.)

Blood: It’s in them to take.

The hard mode 25-man Blood Prince Council is down. I cannot think of anything more clever to say at this time, nor can I find a reasonably amusing picture to attach to the post. Being Canadian, I apologize.

Update: hard mode 25-man Festergut is down too. Our first week of Icecrown Citadel hard modes has resulted in six of the twelve hard mode bosses being downed.

Death to the Deathbringer

Thank you, healers! You made this possible.


Deathbringer Saurfang down, and since we wanted free hard mode loot we went and killed Rotface as well. We’re now 4/12 Heroic ICC, with a few raiding nights left to go this week.

Avast, ye scurvy dogs

Lord Marrowgar and Gunship battle are both down. We knocked out Full House along the way. Deathbringer Saurfang is up next!


Anyone who recognizes said pirate gets +50 DKP with me.

No King Rules Forever

The Lich King is dead. He had it coming.

The Frozen Throne

There’s a lot I want to say. About how well the other twenty-four people in the raid played and how proud I am to be in the same guild as them, about how things finally came together and how a lot of us were fairly certain from the first pull tonight that this would be the night he died. About how we’ve been able to overcome and move forward this expansion, despite setbacks along the way that would have broken most guilds.

But beyond what I’ve already said, it’s just details. Hard modes start on Tuesday.