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Archive for March, 2008


Not much to say well… there is a lot actually, however I’ll keep this semi short. This fight was crazy shit, it’s like Patchwerk on crack, and trying to have all your dps push out 2k dps each over 6 min fight, GG to all the fresh out of SSC guilds who want to try the new ‘open’ dungeon. Good thing you all got your tons of dailies now to pay for your repair bills, at least we got this before the casual qq threads nerf this bastard. Good job everyone as always!

[item]Heart of the Pit[/item]
[item]Belt of the Forgotten Protector[/item]
[item]Belt of the Forgotten Conqueror[/item]
[item]Belt of the Forgotten Vanquisher[/item]


Oh to finally have a real front page update. Not that everyone wasn’t enjoying our little screenshot war, however short that was, but alas! We killed something new! Feels good, oh so good.. new content… mmm.. good.

[item]Bracers of the Forgotten Conqueror[/item]
[item]Bracers of the Forgotten Protector[/item]
[item]Fang of Kalecgos[/item]

Jenos’ SS War

OH so however you know him, jenos, fehl, fourplay.. he sucks at photobucket so made me post this. This was toned down from my understanding apparently some of the SS of chat are not suitable for front page news!

We need some kind of update!

Our news updates are lacking..

New content is lacking..

Fehl’s ability to completely satisfy me is lacking..

Our ability to come up with new jokes to make bigmexicano cry is lacking..

now our news update isn’t lacking.. well yeah it still is this is poor substitute for a real update but some of my SS of 2007!