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Vanquish the celestial defenders!

After a great month and a very good first night on algalon the week before and almost killing him, We went in after clearing to him the night before. With a great raid comp we attempted to save azeroth from certain destruction. After a 10% wipe we went back in and focused on our jobs for a flawless attempt that led to a kill, Saving azeroth from doom and getting a realm first! Congratulations to everyone who put the effort in over the last month i am very impressed how everyone has preformed lately.

Secondly i would like to thank everyone who sent us tells or made forums posts congratulating us.

Tinker Toy Achievements

Reply-Code Alpha – Ellwin
Planewalker Treads – Melarix
Comet’s Trail – Ayanami
Legplates of the Endless Void – Veiled
Fragment of Val’anyr – Nan

Tinker Toy Achievements
Tinker Toy Achievements

Realm First! Celestial DefenderObserved (25 player)


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