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Archive for October, 2006

Gothik down. Next stop: A wall?

The man who thought that killing trash mobs as a boss fight, needs to get slapped around a few times by me. The idea of banging our heads against a brick wall brought more smiles to our faces then trying this bastard again. However, GRATS to us on finally getting our strat down and then pulling this off. It felt so good, better than the first time I made an app cry!

[item]Desecrated boots[/item]
[item]the soul harvester’s bindings[/item]

Big Pile of Snot

Well that’s what Viscidus looks like… We decided to go back and give this snot another shot and what do you know, he’s dead. Loot…. lol nothing very special really, but grats to the guild on finaly getting this pain in the ass out the way if for nothing but to say we did it.

Loatheb, the healbot raid

Healbot is dead! err.. Loatheb.. After guildies spending every nearly free moment in SM or farming gold to buy out of the AH this kill was worth it. We’re just hoping that there isn’t another consumable intensive fight like this in BC let this be the only one… please!

[item]desecrated leggings[/item]
[item]desecrated legguards[/item]
[item]loatheb’s reflection[/item]