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In the mountains!

Another night in ulduar and we made the push to the old god Yogg-Saron, Mowing down his general ye-ole lobster man himself, Shortly there after we enlisted the help of our old friend thorim from IN THE MOUNTAINS and attempted one light in the darkness. After a few hours of attempts we managed to defeat the old god and collect the loots, I must say even after the nerf everyone did really well this past week and finally pushing to finish of the rest of the hard modes.

Congratulations to everyone and to the people that got their new pimping mounts!

P.S Screw the bloodelf in the screenshot, whats up with people messing up my screens!


Show of Faith – Nan
Mantle of the Wayward Vanquisher – Monukai
Mantle of the Wayward Vanquisher – Numair
Godbane Signet – Veiled



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