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Archive for May, 2007

Leotheras the Blind

This one was a bit of work, fun fight though. Poor prot warriors… hehe. Huge thumbs up to Fehl for pushing out enough heroics in 2 days to get the gear for this. As a thank you we’ll give him his own parking spot.

[item]Gloves of the Vanquished Champion[/item]x2
[item]Girdle of the Invulnerable[/item]

Void Reaver

For those who say this isn’t a melee friendly fight, piss off.. You don’t know my rogues. :D This was a fun fight tho! Not bad for just walking in the zone for the first time at 7pm and killing it before end of raid at 11pm. GREAT Job you guys!

[item]Pauldrons of the Vanquished Defender[/item]
[item]Void Reaver Greaves[/item]

Got the pattern for the following belt that went to Syrun for those intrested.

[item]Belt of the Long Road[/item]

The Lurker Below & Hyrdoss the Unstable

This is one of my new favortie fights! Man it’s like the C’Thun for tBC for me.

[item]Choker of Animalistic Fury[/item]
[item]Velvet Boots of the Guardian[/item]

Fun fight! Not much to say but I still hate elementals. Great job tonight from everyone.

[item]Idol of the Crescent Goddess[/item]
[item]Ring of Lethality[/item]

Got the pattern for the following belt that went to Silverbow for those intrested.

[item]Belt of the Black Eagle[/item]

Fathom-Lord Karathress

Considering how this week started for us who would have known it would have ended so great! Fathom-Lord Karathress server first, and in one night. Less then an hour from walking into his room to dead! Nice way to end the week.

[item]Leggings of the Vanquished Defender[/item]
[item]Fathom-Brooch of the Tidewalker[/item]