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Archive for February, 2010

Don’t Stop Me Now

I have been informed my original post was “boring.” Therefore, I have replaced my original commentary on the fight with turgid RP prose.


We ascended up to the spires of Icecrown Citadel, to do battle with the vile wyrm Sindragosa in her very lair. With sword and spell we did battle against her mighty magics of frost and death. Back and forth the battle swayed, as we drove the unholy skeletal dragon back into the air time and again, avoiding her frigid breath with consumate skill. Finally, the blanched and exsanguinous beast descended to the ground for a final time, and began to unleash a diabolic wave of foul sorcery. The brave champions of Azeroth girded their loins, their mighty thews strengthened by the pure force of their heroism, and so valiantly overcame the dread fiend. Our shouts of victory shook the very Frozen Throne; the Lich King himself looked down upon the victorious champions, gathered about the massive corpse of his slain behemoth, and said “WTF? RP Shit?”

Love Bites


The Blood Queen is dead, finally. I like the fight, it’s pretty fun and it uses a mechanic that hasn’t really been used before. It’s also a fight where lag or a disconnect really, really hurts, and it’s one of those were pretty much everyone has to do their job right or they kill other people and/or themselves and/or otherwise make things much harder.

We also saved Dreamwalker on Tuesday; easy fight for the most part, and the healers had a lot of fun. At least, the healers who weren’t healing the raid had a lot of fun. So: now only Sindragosa and Arthas are left before we reach hard modes.