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Archive for January, 2011

Nefarion Downsized and Delivered


We are continuing our search for great players apply now to see what we are looking for.


(Not pictured: Bright-eyed baby otters who made this kill possible)

Cho’gall and Council



Valiona and Theralion


Elevator 8, Jimboo 2

Once upon a time, there was a group of 25 friends. These friends decided to explore a mountain cave together one fateful Wednesday evening. Upon entering the cavernous depths, however, a cruel dragon named Atramedes taunted them by laughing over and over as a warlock continuously face planted. Despite the warlock’s desperate need for a built in parachute and guard rails built into the elevator, he eventually managed to get his feet safely on the floor. The Dragon was not finished however. Out of rage, the friends attacked the blind troglobite. However, without his sight, the dragons sense of direction was heightened and he continually took advantage of the dyslexic nature fo the friends. In the end, the joke was on the dragon, because whether you swing left or right, a slash across the throat still kills your ass.

Afterwards we headed over to Bastion of Twilight for a quick Halfus kill.

Throne of the Winds