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Archive for January, 2010



Just like in 8-World Super Mario Bros, Insanity eventually pays off. In this case, it meant that we killed Anub’arak with 50 attempts remaining. Great work, everyone.

Terrible news, everyone!

Vanquish has murdered Professor Putricide and the Blood Princes. Putricide went down relatively quick and easy; the Princes were a very easy fight, once we got the hang of passing the balls to the Warlock tanking the Shadow prince. There really isn’t a lot to say – both of these fights are relatively simple, and downing them on Tuesday was pretty much expected.


Blood Queen Lana’thel is up next, and we’ll hopefully be posting another kill this week.

The King is Dead

Fall of the Scarab King

Long live Vanquish.

It was a very long time in coming, but hard-mode Anub’arak 25 has been killed. And there was much rejoicing. Eleven of the people in raid had been with us when we first started doing pulls on Anub’arak and have been along for the whole ride; fourteen people in the raid have been with the guild for only part of the journey, and their contributions helped make the difference. Thank you to everyone who stuck with this: it feels good to finally be here.

On to Icecrown.