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Archive for April, 2009

The God of death lives up to his name!

After a sluggish start tonight and finishing off several optional bosses we departed back into Yogg-Sarons prison and started hurling ourselves at the encounter. After two solid attempts we tried again and the third time really is a charm, With a very well executed attempt we managed to down the old god and collect the loots.

Fragment of Val’anyr – Ellwin
Sanity’s Bond – Smoda
Chestguard of Insidious Intent – Rizzy
Mantle of the Wayward Vanquisher – Gatorkiller
Mantle of the Wayward Conqueror – Arlynne

Additionally we have some others updates, Recently we have made some progress in 10-man hard mode achievements and 25-man achievements, Which you can see below.

Heroic: Ulduar
Heroic: I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim
Heroic: Disarmed
Heroic: Drive Me Crazy
Heroic: Unbroken
Heroic: The secrets of Ulduar

Normal: Ulduar
Stokin’ the Furnace
Lose Your Illusion
Orbital Devastation
The secrets of Ulduar
Drive Me Crazy

The Maw of Madness!

After a great start of the week, We went back into ulduar tonight and cleared the remainder of the bosses left up in our way. Entering the maw of madness we came face-to-face with mutant lobster man from hell, After several attempts we managed to down him and collect the loots. The only thing that remains is the god of death himself!

General Vezax

Lotrafen, Spear of the Damned – Bullmax
The General’s Heart – Elainia
Scepter Of Lost Souls – Iban

The Machognome

We embarked on a journey back into the depths of ulduar tonight, We made some great progress on mimiron in a few attempts, Shortly thereafter the machognome was freed and we pressed on to the mutant lobster boss also known as General Vezax and made some good progression!, All in all a great week of raiding.


Gauntlets of the Wayward Vanquisher – Cbear
Gauntlets of the Wayward Protector – Therockman
Insanity’s Grip – Grullnor

Today is a good day to die!

Well, last night was pretty bad, I’ll be the first to admit. Tonight, we came back and hit the bosses with the angry first of Dio, God of Rock. We got two kills tonight and made some great progress on mimiron, Which by the way is an extremely fun fight.

Additional grats to monukai on getting the insane achievement and title, you crazy bastard!


Helm of the Wayward Conqueror – Shalaya
Helm of the Wayward Conqueror – Remeil
Sif’s Promise – Hawkrage

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Cat Ladies Creep Me OUT

We ventured back into the depths of ulduar today and it turned out to another night that the server was stable, First we went up against the crazy cat lady and made quick work of her and her pets after adjusting our strategy. Followed by Hodir and Freya.

Secondly I want to say a belated congrats to ellwin on getting her first Fragment of Val’anyr!


Unwavering Stare – Ellwin
Greaves of the Rockmender – Remeil
Platinum Band of the Aesir – Therockman

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Ulduar, the story so far.

Well bit of a delayed update but here it is 3.1 finaly hit this week and we have been delving into the depths of Ulduar!, Having to deal with a few nights where we could only raid for about 2 hours a peice and dealing with bugged bosses and mobs was disapointing but we did have a good raid night tonight!

No loot info because I am to lazy to check! more to come soon!

Flame Vendor

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