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Archive for December, 2009

Business as usual

The first four bosses of Icecrown were (unsurprisingly) easy. Still, it’s nice seeing loot that isn’t sharded en-masse and a few new fights – it’s been almost a year since this much new content to play through landed in a day.

While the fights were relatively easy, at least Deathbringer and the Gunship battle managed to feel new and interesting. Lord Marrowgar was an amalgamation of Leotheras and Naj’entus, Lady Deathwhisper is an improved Shade of Akama phase one combined with a simplified Kel’thuzad phase two. The Gunship used old mechanics for the most part, but it felt different than other fights. Saurfang is just a fun fight… at least for melee.

We’re also still recruiting! Our highest priority right now is for Priests (Holy/Discipline), Mages, Warlocks, and a Shaman (Elemental), but we are accepting apps of all classes.

Vanquish, post Deathbringer kill.

Vanquish, post Deathbringer kill.