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Archive for December, 2010

Back in Black




Twilight Countil Tribune

Headline: Our beloved and most trusted wyrmtrainer Halfus the Wyrmbreaker has been brutally killed.


Shortly after discovering that he did not clock into work this morning of December 30th, 2010 his body was discovered in the pits of lava behind his dragon perch. Twilight CSI are hot on the case and have found amongst pieces of cindercloth, broken weapons and lots of blood, some tufts of strange hair, suspected to be worgen in nature. The only few leads the CSI team has to capturing the culprits have the team of investigator baffled.


Sinestra was quoted in an interview:

“This is a heinous crime, and could only have been commited by the strongest band of misfits of the alliance. We have our eyes on a particular bunch that call them selves Vanquish . We can’t jump to conclusions, but we are sure it was them, and if they dare to come back, be sure that we will put up a fight”

This comes as no surprise as this group is known to have been wreaking the forces Deathwing has elected to be his trusted protectors, if you ask me, Deathwing is pissed off and probably not just a little scared. Vanquish will very likely be coming for him soon enough

Ho Ho Hoeshit….

Despite overall holiday shortages and occasional lack of tanks, tonight a small group of Vanquish adventurers plunged into Blackrock Descent. After a few attempts on the Omnitron Defense System, a perfect kill came together. Everything thrown at us from fire to poison bombs was swatted away and the mechanical giants fell helplessly as their cores were torn from their golem bodies.


Next, we backtracked to the hot headed worm, Magmaw. The fiery S&M bitch of a wyrm wasn’t getting what she wanted from her draconic toys so we bitch slapped them and gave her a few shots. Sadly things got a little too wild and she succumbed in a way similar to David Carradine after her oxygen was cut off by a large spike to the throat and many beatings to the head. Word is we are currently under investigation by the WOW SVU.