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Archive for September, 2007

Illidari Council

Another Monday, another kill. Fun fight, and its true when they say the pull is the hardest part of it.

And now the real fun begins!

It’s only a matter of time… ;)

Mother Shahraz

Well, she died. I’ll refrain from QQing too much about the fight considering its being fixed soon ™.

Another monday night kill, who would have thought!

Reliquary of Souls

Nice job everyone! After a few days of sub 10% attempts finally got them. I will write more when I can… maybe. Its like 2am and I’m very tired, but at least this SS doesn’t suck too much Fehl!

[item]Grips of Damnation[/item]
[item]The Wavemender’s Mantle[/item]

Gurtogg Bloodboil

Well what do you know, we did a boss first kill NOT on a Monday night, with 2 shamans, and a lot of heals. Not my favorite fight ever, I really should pick a new favorite fight. All oddness aside tho, the real and only thing that matters…. FEHL DIDN’T TAKE THE SS! and Peanut rules.

[item]Unstoppable Aggressor’s Ring[/item]
[item]Girdle of Mighty Resolve[/item]