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Archive for February, 2007

Doom Lord Kazzak

First Night of Attemps… Third Attempt we got a Kill… 29 People… This is why I <3 this guild!

[item]Hope Ender[/item]
[item]Ring of Reciprocity[/item]

The King is Dead, Baby…

That fight is hard as hell.. but worth it! However the 3 pack trash pull after >.<

[item]Bladespire Warbands[/item]
[item]Pauldrons of the Fallen Hero[/item]x2

One Royal Family Member Down!

This is about umm well a few days late, but I have been busy. Anyways… FUN FIGHT!! I yelled.. he yelled.. we moved around a lot.. then he died. Wish I wasn’t so excited when I seen that dagger and thought it was the melee one only to be disappointed that I forgot to take the SS …

[item]Adornment of Stolen Souls[/item]
[item]Nathrezim Mindblade[/item]
[item]Helm of the Fallen Hero[/item]