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Hard Modes at a Glance

The Jelly Bean man certainly took some work and practice handling all the color combinations. Having mana, losing mana, aoe heal, dont aoe heal, use cd’s, OMG DONT TRANQ NOW IT”S PURPLE!, group up, spread out, oops the void got too close and busted early all conditions and rites of passage learned on the journey.  You can do this fight without a holy paladin but healers have to be spot on.  Good job everyone!

Morchok wasn’t as much trouble as Yor’sahj at all, just a few attempts and properly placed cd’s and both his bodies fell over.

Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul opened it’s doors last week and most of the normal mode fights were fun but pretty simple to down. Ultraxion was a bit rough, but once we got everyone without “THE GREEN BUTTON” fitted with a macro and everyone turned off their Recount/Skada he bent to our will.

Blackhorn also was bit of a challenge, but more due to the fact the night we worked on him we were short a few players. We almost gave up, but decided to give a few more shots to work on mechanics and can kill him with just a few players up at the end. Good job survivor team.

Lots of loot went out…I would post up all that information but so much loot going on the activity feed between LFR, alt runs, main raid, 5 mans that information was pushed out into oblivion long ago (most cases the next day). Congrats to all loot recipients. Looking forward to our next few weeks of kills.

V is for Vanquish?

It’s a damn good thing that flying in a V formation was not one of the achievements for Glory of the Firelands Raider because I have a feeling we’d still be working on it.  Kidding aside, it was nice to take a week where we were short a key position for some of the Heroics to work on these mounts for the guild.  Do a Barrel Roll was definately the hardest of the set and I’m very impressed and proud that we pulled it off in 25 man.  That should of been an achievement itself because despite 10 and 25 man being “equal” there is no way you can equate doing this achievement. 


Since the last Blog post we also downed 2 more heroics.  Normally I would post the first drops and recipients but with the achievement spam, the headless horseman drops, gdkp drops and the TK runs (looting hundreds of legendaries) I cannot get to this information. Apologies for that but grats to everyone who participated in the kills and who recieved loot.


Thanks to Priestpujols for the videos and the picture taking/formatting team Smeezy and Jexia for the wonderful screenshots.

What we’ve been up to…


Seething Cinder – Syurei

Jaws of Defeat – Jexia

Breastplate of Shifting Visions – Xellus

Stinger of the Flaming Scorpion – Bash

Shoulders of the Fiery Protector – Gat

Shoulders of the Fiery Conqueror – Mer

Shoulders of the Fiery Conqueror – Smeezy



Seething Cinder – Syurei 

Cindersilk Gloves – Brave

Mandible of Beth’tilac – Gat

Thoracic Flame Kilt – Jexia

Thoracic Flame Kilt – Dahnika

 Firethorn Mindslicer – Syurei

 Spaulders of Manifold Eyes – Smeezy


Seething Cinder – Syurei

Volcanospike – Iban

Heartstone of Rhyolith – Jaroo

Heartstone of Rhyolith – Priestpujols

Hood of Rampant Disdain – Bravë

A Legendary Moment

This week marked the creation of our first

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest 

Congratulations Isis and to all of Vanquish.


With time to spare…

This week after clearing out the farm bosses we once again set our sites on Shannox HM.  We tried a couple different locations and strats in the past but I think we found a solid strat as Shannox and his mangy mutts went down within just a few attempts.


We’ve been killing Ragnaros on 10 man over the weekends  for a number of weeks now but this week we finally had the extra time to get in and spend some quality time on 25 man.  This fight is like riding a bike or learning a line dance…one you learn it, know all the steps it seems pretty easy in retrospect.  Looking forward to seeing this fight on Heroic in the weeks to come.