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Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul opened it’s doors last week and most of the normal mode fights were fun but pretty simple to down. Ultraxion was a bit rough, but once we got everyone without “THE GREEN BUTTON” fitted with a macro and everyone turned off their Recount/Skada he bent to our will.

Blackhorn also was bit of a challenge, but more due to the fact the night we worked on him we were short a few players. We almost gave up, but decided to give a few more shots to work on mechanics and can kill him with just a few players up at the end. Good job survivor team.

Lots of loot went out…I would post up all that information but so much loot going on the activity feed between LFR, alt runs, main raid, 5 mans that information was pushed out into oblivion long ago (most cases the next day). Congrats to all loot recipients. Looking forward to our next few weeks of kills.


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