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Feral Dogs and Creepy Crawlers

This week came patch 2.4 and it has been the smoothest patch so far. With this patch came the new raid instance Firelands. This outdoor style raid instance is quite impressive. Navigating through the trash packs, avoiding Shannox until we have a spot cleared, we learned a few things the hard way…but had a lot of fun doing so.     (btw…turtles are bad!)

Our First Kill of the week: Shannox

Rabies shots are recommended. I don’t think anyone made it through all the attempts without a little Rageface love. Once we got him somewhat tamed and learned to navigate through the traps Shannox went down with ease. Congratulations on the first kill of the patch.




Our Second Kill of the week: Beth’tilac

Spiders, spiders everywhere. Ms Beth’tilac is definitely one scary looking spider, but this encounter looks harder then it was in the end. Coordination and research was key and it was apparent our team showed up ready for the job Thursday night. If everyone shows up this prepared for each boss, then they all will be falling this quick. Great job to all, and keep it up.


Vanquish vs Beth’tilac 25 man – 6/30/2011

Thanks to Priestpujols videos and Aeralia for screenshots!


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