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Glory of the Ulduar Raider

There has not been much to update lately in regards to 25 man content with constant bad DC’s and many peoples computers blowing up, So here is another ten man post that I think is very worthy of a front page update. After a week of trying a ten man group managed to down Mimiron on hard mode, Followed shortly after by General Vezzax, Which completed the GotUR achievement for several people and granted them access to a new mount! Congratulations to everyone that obtained the mount, I wish I was not sick and could have been there to see accomplishment and to everyone that helped along the way, Thank you.

Glory of the Ulduar Raider
Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake
Grullnor, Zan, Desperada, Monukai, Veiled, Bullmax, Therockman, Dalasai



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