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Cat Ladies Creep Me OUT

We ventured back into the depths of ulduar today and it turned out to another night that the server was stable, First we went up against the crazy cat lady and made quick work of her and her pets after adjusting our strategy. Followed by Hodir and Freya.

Secondly I want to say a belated congrats to ellwin on getting her first Fragment of Val’anyr!


Unwavering Stare – Ellwin
Greaves of the Rockmender – Remeil
Platinum Band of the Aesir – Therockman


Frostplate Greaves – Remeil
Breastplate of the Wayward Vanquisher – Thellak
Breastplate of the Wayward Vanquisher – Holyshift


Gauntlets of Ruthless Reprisal – Chased
Legplates of the Wayward Protector – Hawkrage
Legplates of the Wayward Conqueror – Rezuinc


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