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Rolling Right Along…

What do Malygos and all of the Horde leaders have in common? THEY’RE ALL DEAD!

A good way to cap off the raid-week if you ask me. A 10-man strat test/kill followed up immediately by a 25-man kill. What a crazy fun fight this was. It’s practically Onyxia for a new generation. I love bosses with no trash to kill!

Then because we were all out of content, we went and killed the Horde leaders. Loot links, screenshots of black bears and a better update forthcoming.


10 responses to this post

  1. Here’s mine. I was off to the side so it’s not quite centered but at least it doesn’t have nameplates on.

  2. ellwin needs a better eye for photos, she’s the person who cuts off people’s heads in pictures at parties.

  3. This is the best I could do with standing way over on the left side =/

  4. Grats on beating the game already!

  5. Its not the same w/o you tho!

    <3 enjos

  6. you promised a better update..! omg <3
    don’t hurt me =(

  7. That’s a pretty dragon…

  8. Grats guys! Still trying to get a reasonable work schedule so I can get back and raid with yall. Midnight – 8am work is retarded.

  9. holy shit defile

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