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Busy busy… Naxx 25 and CoA 25 Cleared!

My my, what a busy week this was (so far!!) Only the second Friday after the release of Wrath and we clear Naxxramas as soon as we had enough level 80s to do it, and a server first to boot!

It was a lot of fun, even though I was falling asleep through run backs on Four Horsemen. Twice I actually woke up to hear “OMG Malki wake up!” and Doms even had to shake me awake once (hah!). Sapphiron was a blast, and not having to wear frost resist gear is a big plus. Kel’Thuzad was amazing… mostly because it was my first, even though the guild has done it many times pre TBC and post TBC. I always missed it, so it was extra fun for me.

Also on Friday morning/afternoon they pulled enough people together to grab a kill on Chamber of Aspects, and Vault of Archavon, yay pvp gear?

This was honestly a rush to get this out of the way. We typically don’t raid on Fridays, but we had the people and figured why not? And look at the amazing job we pulled off!

Some Naxx drops:
[item]Soul of the dead[/item]
[item]Icy blast[/item]
[item]defeated dragon[/item]

[item]Wall of Terror[/item]
[item]Journey’s End[/item]
[item]Boundless Ambition[/item]
[item]Crown of the lost vanquisher[/item]

CoA and VoA drops:
[item]dragon brood[/item]
Not sure of the rest.. blame the guild! I was at work and they were raiding.. W T F :(


4 responses to this post

  1. nice work A++++++

  2. I think i’m going to start doing ‘where is waldo’ with Cbear in guild SS’s now.

  3. That’s too easy, just find the trainset and he’ll be there =(

  4. Then find cbear in that SS

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