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25-Man Naxxarmas Only Drops Plate

Oh the joys of raiding with the guild again! I didn’t grats anyone on dinging, I am not here to validate you! I did, however, grats them in my own way by way of a raid invite. Was nice to finally get enough together to do some real content, no 10 man crap is not real content. After the short trip to a 10 man to finish off the last two bosses we decided to get what people we had on and do 25 man Naxx with any number we got just to do something, ended up started with 21 and after two wing clears and some attempts on Patchwerk, ended with 24.

Plate drops in Naxx were about the most insane thing I have seen. Every boss dropped at the very least 1 plate item, I think our first Death Knight at 80 (Dari) pretty much cleaned up on bosses even a random trash drop if I recall.

named deleted for his safety

named deleted for his safety


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