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10 Mans

Well we looked at our roster and noticed we had just enough to skim off 10 people and drag them to a 10 man Naxxarams on Monday, we got two wings down; Spider and Plague. Then returned for a 10 man on Tuesday, and Finished all four wings with a Kill on Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad first thing Wednesday. For some of the guild it was the first Naxx clear post patch.

10 Man Naxxarams Cleared

10 Man Naxxarams Cleared

Last night they rounded up 10 more people and pulled off a 10 man version of The Obsidian Sanctum – with a kill on Sartharion. I am not sure of the loot table, but I will get that from the guild later.

Picked up [item]Key to the Focusing Iris[/item] which is nice gives us more content to play with. Loot off Sapphiron [item]Leggings of Sapphiron[/item] and umm I forgot, but Hotsauce got it. and Kel’Thuzad dropped [item] helm of the lost conq[/item] [item]cloak of the dying[/item] and [item]nerubian conq[/item]

I don’t think but for a few fights there really was a need for 10 people. This is great for casuals, the bane of a raiders existence, but yet just hard enough right now in our gear to be fun still. I would imagine that in say a few weeks after we have geared up more it’s going to be a joke and so sad… Naxx is still one of the best zones!


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