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Server Firsts and Shayk’s Lucky Balls

While the majority of the server was trying to find their way out of Borean Tundra, or some still trying to figure out how to turn in the horse, once most people pushed out of BT or HJ the race was not really a race as much as it was just nice that there wasn’t 30+ people in the zone trying to gank the quest mob the fastest.

We had some who were focused and ready to get some realm firsts. Most of us scheduled days off in advanced for the push to 80, while others prepared with pot of coffee at the ready with scheduled naps and alarm clocks we very ready to get it done and over with.

Vysion walked away this weekend with the following server firsts;
– Level 80
– Draenei
– Shaman
– First Aid

Amelmar walked away this weekend with the following server firsts;
– Warlock

Malki walked away this weekend with the following server firsts;
– Enchanter

There are still a few up for grabs! Good Luck you guys, and hurry up! We got some raiding server firsts to knock out as well this week.

Editors Note: I was 8% from dinging 80 when the priest from reawaken got it. I seen that threw something at the wall, then went to Starbucks to drown my sorrows in a nice tall white chocolate latte. Also, a HUGE thank you to Shayk for giving me most of the greens to get 450 Enchanting, and so I want to thank him and his lucky balls. I only got points when he typed out, “my balls are crossed” after me asking him to cross his fingers.. I think he got confused but who cares! it worked..


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