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M’uru / Entropius

Void zones rule

Void zones rule

Christ on a cupcake, I have been waiting to do an update for 3 months, granted I really don’t count June… Recruiting FTW?

Great job to everyone who stuck it out while we got new people in and then out. While learning the fight all over every week with the amount of apps we had coming in. The members who kept showing up even tho we might have been lacking some key classes at times, and gave it their all every time, you’re the best and what make this guild great to be in, and special grats to Fishknuckles on [item]ring of hardened resolve[/item], Avelay on [item]Robes of Faltered Light[/item], Norgulzar on [item]Sin’dorei Band of Triumph[/item], and Arthyn on [item]Harness of Carnal Instinct[/item]

This fight was one of those where everyone has to be perfect and one person dead it’s over, once I learned to not SW:D myself into a early grave it made the fight much more fun! I hope Kil’jaden will be as exciting, and from the glimpse we got tonight, it should be. I do have to say it was an eventful kill, listening to vent you would imagine that with all the screams, ‘fuck yes!” and “woots!” it was like we won the game, but we still got one more boss at this point. Lets finish this!


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