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Grand Warlock Alythess & Lady Sacrolash

I think the purple one is hotter...

I think the purple one is hotter...

This was a very fun fight, when it was over it took a second for it to sink it that it was over. We thought the server bugging out and not letting us zone in to SPlat was a bad sign, turns out it was for the best! Second attempt after that little setback they fell down harder then a fat kid tripping over a curb. (That was for you Zan). Great job by all. Especially Zan who keeps us on our feet and highly entertained during raids.

And now why anyone actually reads these anyways…. and the loot!

[item]Shroud of Redeemed Souls[/item]
[item]Mantle of the Golden Forest[/item]
[item]Grip of Mannoroth[/item]
[item]Sin’dorei Pendant of Conquest[/item]
[item]Belt of the Forgotten Protector[/item]

Oh, I forgot to add…



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